Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How Email Marketing Can Fill Your Pipeline!

Having used numerous email campaign services, in my opinion, none compare to Jeffery Gitomer’s “Ace of Sales” when it comes to relationship building.  Why does this work so well? Visit Ace of Sales and use promo code “Congdon30” for a 30 day trial and see. During which you can send out as many emails as you like and send 1 postcard and 1 greeting card at no cost.

Email Has A Huge Audience. Despite the popularity of social media the fact remains that 72% of people check their email more than 6 times a day. This means email is a reliable way to get and stay in touch. It’s also very inexpensive. People Prefer Email. Research also shows that 77% of people prefer to opt in to permission based marketing via email. 

Email Marketing IS Effective. 67% of people surveyed have made a purchase based on getting a promotional email. Email Helps Launch Social, Local and SEO Campaigns. For example launching a new social media campaign or reputation management initiative is much easier with a large email list of interested participants.

What Small Businesses Need To Do
  1. Start The Lists: Most businesses do not even have an email list. Those that do are usually not updated or organized.
  2. Existing Customers, who you email weekly a short email offering some value.
  3. Prospects / Potential Customers  (see 48-Hour follow up below)
  4. Build A Newsletter or ezine (electronic magazine) for weekly mailings to your lists.
  5. Build Nurture Emails, after setting up your ezine format, create a series of emails for your new prospects that you can set-up and schedule for future delivery. Automating this part of your campaign. 
  6. Track Results, as with any marketing efforts, in-depth tracking is required to know if it’s working.
Always Use The 48-Hour Follow Up. Whether you just attended an expo or a trade show (which you can locate through www.meetup.com) or met a few prospects at a local mixer. Use the following steps to ensure your success. Always make notes on the back of the business cards you’ve collected so you can accurately recall topics of conversation. Using your laptop/mobile device login to your email marketing account and enter these new leads, as completely as possible. Send them a branded email thanking the prospect and touching on the topic of your conversation. Track the responses to these emails and use your CRM to set reminders for future actions. Repeat these steps each time you collect a business card and soon your pipeline will be flowing over with qualified leads. For additional videos, tips and techniques on email marketing visit www.Facebook.Com/AceOfSalesTrial

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